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Pronto Extended Life Oil Filters

EXTENDED LIFE OIL FILTERS Synthetic Media Delivers Up To 10,000 Miles  *  Superior Engine Protection     To meet the growing demand for extended oil change interval,Pronto was the first to launch an imported full line of extended life oil filters. Utilizing synthetic resin media, our product offers 10,000 miles of [...]

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What Causes a Car Battery To Fail?

What Causes a Car Battery To Fail? Counterman Magazine by Larry Carley In spite of all the advances in automotive technology in recent years, one item that hasn’t changed much over the years is the 12-volt wet cell lead-acid storage battery. It’s pretty much the same basic design that’s been around for over [...]

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Productivity vs Efficiency!

Productivity vs Efficiency Motor Age Magazine by Chris "Chubby" Frederick When most of us started in the automotive repair business, we had a dream we were trying to achieve. It might have been spending more time with the family or with our hobbies. It might have been to earn more money to provide [...]

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Nastra Brake Calipers

Nastra Brake Calipers Nastra remanufactures both semi-loaded and loaded calipers. Semi-loaded calipers include all hardware & brackets fully mounted and are ready for your choice of friction to be added: Only original equipment type cores are used in the rebuilding process. All units are disassembled [...]

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TPMS Article

Replacing TPMS Sensors Is Essential When Replacing Tires. Here’s Why.   September 2017 Counterman Magazine by Larry Carley Tire Pressure Monitor Systems have been around since the 1990s on older Corvettes and Cadillacs with run-flat tires, and has been mandatory on all passenger cars and light trucks since model year 2008. TPMS [...]

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Remy Starters & Alternators

Remanufactured Starters & Alternators Remanufactured Starters and Alternators Innovative design improvements - increased performance and reduced warranty returns Superior components - engineered for the extreme demands of today's vehicles Industry leader in testing - every unit is verified with intensive computerized load and power testing Remanufactured, not rebuilt - more new components and [...]

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Featured Products

Motorcraft® MERCON® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) XT10QLVC Premium-quality ATF for Ford and Lincoln transmissions Provides excellent performance in electronically controlled automatic transmissions Manufactured with high-viscosity index, premium-quality, hydroprocessed base oils and specially designed performance additives Provides excellent shifting characteristics at high and low ambient temperatures, and guards against transmission shudder Offers excellent thermal, [...]

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September 2017 Editor's Report by John Lypen According to a recent report from the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), the future for independent repair shops looks pretty rosy—for the next few years, anyway. With all the recent talk of electric cars, autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing, etc., it might be tempting to look at the [...]

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