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Explaining Coolant Issues To Customers

Explaining Coolant Issues To Customers In colder weather, it’s fairly common for a consumer to add the wrong kind of coolant to their vehicle. While experienced counter pros and technicians know there are different types of coolant, the average person doesn’t. Explaining Coolant Issues to Customers A customer who has added the wrong coolant [...]

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Marketing Your Shop To Millennials

USE THESE STRATEGIES TO SUCCESSFULLY MARKET YOUR SHOP TO MILLENNIALS Motor Age Magazine by Tim Ross You’ve probably heard countless times that the way to a millennial’s heart is through his phone. While that’s true to a large degree, focusing solely on millennials’ digital habits fails to account for [...]

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AutoPro Scratch Off Promotion

With Every Invoice of $125.00 or More (excluding cores) from AutoPro Auto Parts, You Will Receive a Pronto Turbo Charge Your Holiday Scratch-off Card For Your Chance To Win,  Pronto Charger/Bluetooth Speakers Pronto Bluetooth Earbuds or Ogio Tech Backpack THAT'S NOT ALL! SAVE YOUR “LOSER CARDS” And Turn Into Your Salesperson! 3 “Loser [...]

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OE Is Our Minimum Standard. Premium XL Goes Beyond. Massive Loads, Blistering Heat, Frigid Cold? Yeah, we've got you covered. Our Exclusive Premium I.C.E. Grease (Intelligent Chassis Engineered) is an OE approved formulation that ensures maximum performance even in extreme temperature [...]

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Importance of Selling Future Repairs at Car Delivery

THE IMPORTANCE OF SELLING FUTURE REPAIRS AT CAR DELIVERY Motor Age Magazine by Bob Cooper If you want to generate more repeat business, then there are a number of things you will need to do. You’ll need to deliver an extraordinary value, exceed your customers’ expectations at every touch [...]

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Maintaining High Mileage Cars vs Financing New Ones

KEEP AN OLD CAR RUNNING AND YOU'LL SAVE A FORTUNE! USA Today by Pete the Planner Peter Dunn ARE YOU IN THE HIGH-MILEAGE MAFIA? We’re 400 miles away from the odometer hitting 200,000 miles on one of our vehicles and 300 miles away from hitting 135,000 on the [...]

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ROTOMAX PREMIUM BRAKE ROTORS IT IS IMPORTANT TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN E-COATED ROTORS AND PAINTED ROTORS Some manufacturers advertise a line of coated rotors that are merely covered with a layer of paint that will disguise protection in the short term. ProMax Premium Coated Rotors and Drums are engineered under the stringent quality of Original [...]

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Quality Remanufacturers R&R Service Thanks to Quality Remanufacturers for helping us get Lenny, from Cornwall's, 61 Ford Ranchero back on the road. We picked up this gear box and got it back to him in 2 days R&R Service available for axles, racks, gear boxes, ps pumps, starters, alternators and generators. AutoPro could [...]

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Pronto Auto Service Center's, Blake Alexander Wins 2nd Top Fuel Victory in Sonoma  California native Blake Alexander brought home the second Top Fuel victory of his career in front of a sellout crowd at the 31st annual Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals at Sonoma Raceway. Robert Hight (Funny Car), Jeg [...]

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