We Are a Family Owned & Operated Local Business. We understand that it is important to support local business. We are a local business just like you are and our customer relationships are the most important part of our business. “Big Box Stores” only focus on large sales volumes. AutoPro’s goal is to increase sales by building relationships one customer at a time. At AutoPro, you are NOT just an “account #” to us! You are our friends, our neighbors and people who we have come to know, love and serve, whether we have been doing business with you for 3 months or up to 40 years. Our friendly staff of salespeople and counterpeople are ALWAYS available to you and our owners are totally accessible in the stores and on the road everyday. All of us at AutoPro understand that we grow our business by helping YOU succeed in growing YOURS.

Always Know What’s In The Box. AutoPro offers many of the biggest names and OE brands in the business. Remy, BCA, Denso, Powerstop, TRW, Continental, Hella, Delphi, Pagid and so many others. When you buy parts from AutoPro you always know what’s in the box, because it says so ON the box!  Knowing what brand you are buying, let’s you know WHAT you are paying for. When you buy from the “Big Box Stores” in “their” brand, what are you paying for? An OE part? A name brand part? A cheap “knock off”? If you don’t know, then how do you know if it’s a good price?  In addition, being able to tell your customer that you used OE or name brand products, lets them know you care about the quality of the parts you put on their vehicle.

We Are Your Supplier, Not Your Competitor. The “Big Box Stores” are spending MILLIONS of dollars on TV, radio and print ads, trying to take your customers. Check engine light on? They will diagnose it for FREE!  Starter/alternator trouble? They will diagnose your electrical system for FREE! Need a battery? They will sell them one and then INSTALL IT…. FOR FREE!  These ads put in a customer’s head that the time spent diagnosing their car or replacing a battery (your time) is worthless.  A percentage of every dollar you spend with them, goes to pay for all of those ads YOUR customers see and hear every day.  In addition, some of them own repair shop chains that are in Direct Competion With You!   Autopro does NOT diagnose cars or install parts. We leave that to YOU!