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TRICO PRO BEAM BLADES 12 Series WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER NO ADAPTORS REQUIRED ONE STEP INSTALLATION ONE-FIT CONNECTION Designed for all weather conditions Wiper blade size – available in 15” to 28” lengths Infinite pressure points for uniform contact Exclusive dual-point coupler = no streaking All weather performance […]

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Shocks And Struts: Often-Overlooked Replacement Opportunities

Shocks And Struts: Often-Overlooked Replacement Opportunities Counterman Magazine by Larry Carley With the average vehicle age at 11.6 years, there are a lot of chassis parts nearing the end of their useful service – and many that have exceeded that life. Yet people keep driving on worn springs, shocks and struts because they [...]

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FTC Warns Hyundai for Magnuson-Moss Violations

ATTN TECHS & SHOP OWNERS: Let Your Customers Know Their Rights! "They can have their vehicles maintained by their trusted independent technician using high quality non-original equipment parts without fear of voiding their new car warranty.” FTC Warns Hyundai for Magnuson-Moss Violations The Shop Magazine by The Shop staff The Federal [...]

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Diagnosing Wheel Noise

Diagnosing wheel noise isn't always so straightforward! Mark Philips, Editor, Counterman Magazine Noise coming from the wheels of any vehicle means the bearings are bad, right? Well, diagnosing wheel noise isn’t so straightforward!    The most common symptom of a bad bearing is cyclic chirping, squealing or growling noise that changes in proportion to [...]

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AutoPro Scratch Off Promotion

Promotion Open From April 27th Until 5/30/2018 or While Card Supplies Last With Every Invoice of $99.00 or More (excluding cores) from AutoPro Auto Parts, You Will Receive a NYS Lucky 7's Lottery Scratch-off Card For Your Chance To Win Up To $2,700.00 THAT'S NOT ALL! SAVE YOUR “LOSER [...]

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GPD Tech Tips

"Gummy Oil" Have you ever opened a compressor and found that the oil has become "semi solid"..a bit like grease! The compressor probably failed because they require oil to lubricate them!! Gummy oil all is always associated with pollutants of some kind. These may range from over the counter additives to improve and or [...]

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The EPA-Authorized Section 609 program that's required if you service mobile A/C systems. Technicians who service motor vehicle air conditioners must be trained and tested through a U.S. EPA-authorized organization, such as ASE. Training programs must cover the use of recycling equipment in compliance with industry standards, regulatory requirements, refrigerant containment, and the effects [...]

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 CONGRATULATIONS TO POWERSTOP! AutoPro Would Like to Announce That Our 2018 Vendor of the Year Award, in Recognition of Excellence in Sales, Product Innovation, Performance and Service, Goes to Powerstop. All of our innovative manufacturers painstakingly strive for perfection. This time Powerstop has come close; boasting a less than 1% [...]

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DAVE HOBBS has served as a field trainer and course developer for Delphi for over 25 years. With close to 40 years in the industry as a technician, service manager, college instructor, hotline advisor, field engineer and award winning technical writer, Dave has an abundance of experience to share with both the independent [...]

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