When I was young, my mother taught me how to make homemade chili. She told me that it was easy to make and not expensive.She also told me that my father liked spicy chili very much.

Yesterday, it was very cold out so I decided to surprise my father and cook hot bowls of homemade chili for us while ate lunch at my house and watched football on television.

I followed my mother’s instructions. I made the chili with olive oil, ground beef, black beans, tomato juice, onions, canned tomatoes, jalapenos, chili powder, salt and pepper.

First, I warmed the olive oil in a pan and added ground beef and onions. Then, I added more heat to the pan and added garlic, salt and pepper. Afterwards, I boiled tomatoes, black beans and chili powder in a pot. Then I mixed the ground beef in the pot and stirred it. After 20 minutes, I added tomato juice. I cooked it for another 40 minutes and stirred it more. Then I added cheese, avocado and tortilla chips. I served it hot for us. I added jalapenos for my father’s bowl because he wanted his to be spicy.  I liked the chili a lot and my father said that it was delicious. We ate the chili for lunch while we watched football on television. My favorite football team lost but we enjoyed eating a delicious and hot meal. The chili was also cheap, very easy to cook and helped keep us warm. My father was very surprised.

For dessert I made fruit smoothies. I used the blender that my grandma bought me for my birthday. I peeled and cut a frozen banana and put it in the blender. Then, I added frozen strawberries and cherries. Then I added milk, vanilla yogurt, orange juice and a little honey. I mixed everything in the blender until it was smooth.

I poured in glasses for my father and I.  We both liked the fruit smoothies. They tasted sweet and were very healthy.