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Pro Nut Hand Cleaner 63-4400 is a solvent-free, heavy-duty lotion hand cleaner ideal for use in automotive and industrial settings. The formula utilizes natural walnut shell scrubbers to safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust, and many other hard- to-remove soils. ProNut Shell is VOC free and environmentally friendly. 4000 ml or 1.06 Gallons

Pro Cherry Hand Cleaner 20-4400 with pumice is a premium, heavy-duty lotion hand cleaner effective for removing the toughest soils. Pleasant cherry scent.

Fine pumice works with the formula to provide fast and complete removal of grease, most inks, tar, asphalt, oils, lubricants, paints, industrial carbon and more.

This advanced conditioning formula contains an antimicrobial agent and ten skin care ingredients including almond oil, soy oil, glycerin, lanolin, wheat germ extract and vitamins A, C and E. 4000 ml or 1.06 Gallons

Pro Scrub Hand Soap with Microscrubbers. 55-4400

Pro Scrub effectively removes general dirt and grime, greases, some inks, tar, asphalt, oils, lubricants, water-based paints, industrial carbon and other heavy-duty soils. It is solvent free, VOC free, water soluble and biodegradable. It will not clog drains.

The GLK-55 formula contains a bacteriostat and five natural moisturizers including glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba and wheat germ extract. These moisturizers soothe and condition your hands with no oily or sticky after-feel. The formula leaves your hands smelling clean and fresh. Fine, plastic microscrubbing beads added to GLK-55 formula allow you to gently clean deeper to remove even the toughest dirt and grime. 4000 ml or 1.06 Gallons

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