Nastra Brake Calipers

Nastra remanufactures both semi-loaded and loaded calipers.
Semi-loaded calipers include all hardware & brackets fully mounted and are ready for your choice of friction to be added:

  • Only original equipment type cores are used in the rebuilding process.
  • All units are disassembled down to the casing to ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • A steel shot blast is used to properly clean all castings.
  • All casting bores and seal surfaces are tested and inspected before assembly to prevent leaking and ensure a proper fit.
  • All threads are inspected and tapped. Only NEW bleeder screws are used.
  • All steel pistons are tested and inspected for roundness, pitting and cracking.
  • All good steel pistons are refurbished. All defective steel pistons are replaced with NEW ISO 9002 Certified steel pistons.
  • All phenolic pistons are replaced with NEW O.E. ISO 9002 Certified phenolic pistons.
  • All units are assembled with NEW ISO 9002 Certified rubber components that meet or exceed O.E. and S.A.E. standards and with the highest quality assembly fluid and silicone grease.
  • All caliper ear hardware (rubber bushings and slider sleeves) is installed.
  • All units are tested after assembly and run through a quality assurance program.
  • NEW copper washers are supplied.
  • Hardware (bolts, clips, sleeves, springs and rubber components) is supplied and mounted where applicable.
  • Brackets are supplied and mounted where applicable.

Nastra Loaded Calipers include all of the above processes PLUS the addition of a premium semi-metallic OE grade friction. Loaded calipers are sold in pairs only to ensure matching friction for both sides of your vehicle.

All of Nastra’s calipers, both semi-loaded and loaded are individually shrink wrapped before boxing to ensure high quality and trouble free product.