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GPD Tech Tips

"Gummy Oil" Have you ever opened a compressor and found that the oil has become "semi solid"..a bit like grease! The compressor probably failed because they require oil to lubricate them!! Gummy oil all is always associated with pollutants of some kind. These may range from over the counter additives to improve and or [...]

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MAS Ball Joint Inspection

 How to Inspect Ball Joint Wear Due to Friction One of the main reasons ball joints can fail is from excessive wear from friction. Techs often have a problem locating valid specs for ball joint testing. This allows for consideration of the real-world effects that cumulative bushing and ball joint wear have [...]

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Powerstop Break In Procedure

POWERSTOP: Break In Procedure IMPORTANT: BREAK IN NEW BRAKE PADS/ROTORS USING THE PAD BEDDING PROCEDURE AS FOLLOWS. PROPER PAD BEDDING CAN PREVENT ROTOR WARPING. The break in procedure is critical to brake performance. The reason for a proper break in is to establish an even layer of friction material deposited on the rotors from [...]

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GPD Tech Tips

In Honda CR-V A/C systems, debris becomes lodged in the A/C system after the original compressor has failed and a replacement compressor has been fitted. This issue occurs because the debris from the original compressor accumulates in the condenser. If left in the system, the debris in the condenser will cause catastrophic failure of [...]

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